About Us

Dan Hess, the owner of Hess & Son, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1952.  He is one of ten children and was raised on a dairy farm.  He started construction work in Pennsylvania in 1970.  Dan moved south to North Carolina in 1974 when he married Jean Mast.  They have two children, Rachel Hess Sexton and Thad Hess.  Dan is also pastor of Meadowview Mennonite Church in Lansing.  He was ordained in 1985, and he has pastored the same church since then. Thad is the second child and only son of Dan and Jean.  He was born in 1981 and was a member of the last graduating class at Northwest Ashe High School in 1999.  Thad started going to work with his dad over summer vacation from school at a young age.  He is married to Deborah Graybeal Hess and has three sons, Sam, Ben, and Abe.  Thad teaches the youth Sunday School class at Big Laurel Christian Union Church in Creston.